2021.11.25 TDC 0.3.3 is released! Now added extended support for cold split in multi prediction tasks, see this issue!

2021.10.17 TDC 0.3.2 is released! We have added support for harmonizing same DTIs with different affinities (KIBA, DAVIS Updated accordingly, see this issue); support for label name retrieval for TWOSIDES (this issue), and add gene symbol info to GDSC (this issue).

2021.09.04 TDC 0.3.0 is released! We have greatly restructured the code to be contributor friendly while keeping most interfaces the same. We also release the documentation for TDC package at here.

2021.05.30 TDC updates to 0.2.0, major changes:

  • TDC has a new molecule generation benchmark on docking scores! Checkout here for more information.

2021.03.24 TDC updates to 0.1.9, major changes:

  • TDC now supports molecule filters! Checkout here for more information.

2021.03.17 TDC updates to 0.1.8, major changes:

  • Leaderboard is reformulated and we invite submission for each individual benchmark! Checkout here for more information.

2021.02.26 TDC updates to 0.1.7, major changes:

  • Streamlined leaderboard programming framework! Checkout here for more information.
  • Label log transformation supported. Checkout here for more information.

2021.02.18 TDC just released the white paper in arXiv! Here is the link to the paper.

2021.02.04 TDC updates to 0.1.6, major changes:

  • New Leaderboard! Just released the second leaderboard on drug combination response prediction! Checkout here for usage.

2021.01.16 TDC updates to 0.1.5, major changes:

  • New Oracles! Added four realistic oracles from docking scores and synthetic accessibility scores! Checkout here for usage.

2021.01.09 TDC updates to 0.1.4, major changes:

  • New Function! Added a data processing helper to map among ~15 molecular formats in 2 lines of code (For 2D: from SMILES/SEFLIES and convert to SELFIES/SMILES, Graph2D, PyG, DGL, ECFP2-6, MACCS, Daylight, RDKit2D, Morgan, PubChem; For 3D: from XYZ, SDF files to Graph3D, Columb Matrix). Checkout here for usage.
  • Quality Check! Canonicalize SMILES on DTI datasets with Drug, Target IDs added. Checkout DTI.

2020.12.30 TDC updates to 0.1.3, major changes:

  • New Dataset! Added a new therapeutic task CRISPR Repair Outcome Prediction! Checkout CRISPROutcome.
  • New Function! Added a data processing helper to map SMILES string to popular cheminformatics fingerprints (ECFP2, ECFP4, ECFP6, MACCS, Daylight-type, RDKit2D, Morgan, Pubchem)! Checkout here for usage.

2020.12.24 TDC updates to 0.1.2, major changes:

  • Leaderboard Release! TDC's first leaderboard on ADMET prediction is released. You can find the leaderboard guide here, where we provide a BenchmarkGroup class to do model building on leaderboard tasks rapidly. The ADMET leaderboard is here.

2020.12.19 TDC updates to 0.1.1, major changes:

  • Quality Check and New datasets! We replaced VD, Half Life and Clearance datasets in ADME from new sources that have higher qualities. We also added LD50 to Tox.

2020.12.15 TDC updates to 0.1.0, major changes:

  • Five New Datasets! Added CYP2C9/2D6/3A4 Substrate, for ADME, Carcinogens for Tox and NCI-60 for DrugSyn.
  • Quality Check. We conducted a canonicalization of all SMILES and removed ones that return errors in the ADME, Tox, and HTS datasets.

2020.11.30 TDC updates to 0.0.8, major changes:

  • Five New Datasets! Added hREG, DILI (Drug Induced Liver Injury), Skin Reaction, Ames Mutagenicity for Tox and PPBR from AstraZeneca for ADME.
  • Distribution Learning Metrics Moved to Evaluators. Checkout here for the updated usage.
  • Meta Oracles. We included a helper function where you can specify your own set of molecules for Rediscovery, Similarity, Medians, Isomers. Checkout an example usage here.
  • Tutorials. We have provided various tutorials for you to start using TDC. Click here .